Employee Retention

by Reto Dorigo
November 2019

The article in the attachment casts a penetrating light on the increasing importance of employee loyalty in a time of demographic change.
We are happy to assist you in developing a tailor-made, two-pronged strategy designed to enable you to retain your best employees and also to effectively recruit top-notch new ones.

Dorigo AG Employee Retention

Cyber Risk is a global risk

Assessing Global Risks - Pandemic and Cyber Risks

Cyber Risk is a global risk, which can hurt people, industries and infrastructure. The globalization, in particular with respect to power grid and communication, of many countries and regions have a much higher impact to our risk in life than any other business. An attack to any infrastructure can be done on purpose or for harm and in most cases it has the purpose to gain illegal resources and capital. With these thoughts in mind, it makes cyber much more dangerous as pandemic risks. The start of a virus in a system can occur from many locations which are invisible for the attacked infrastructure. Pandemic risks are a failure in the nature of the health system from zoonotic to human diseases. Cyber risks can be also be seen as a failure in the IT systems and communication platforms. Man-made attacks to this system for espionage, sabotage and/or extortion lead to loss or exploitation of relevant information.