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Marc Schaedeli

Marc Schaedeli is CEO of The Consulting Group AG.

A qualified food technologist (ETHZ). Marc brings extensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) expertise including Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Captive Management, and Risk Financing. He is an experienced risk assessment facilitator (for 750+ businesses and/or projects) with 20 years’ experience in risk management. He played a pivotal role in governance and compliance, human rights, and task force management activities (Listeria, SARS, Flu Pandemic, Ebola, etc.).

Prior to his current role, Marc was Head of Group Risk Management at Nestlé. As part of the global role at Nestlé, he also initiated and coordinated the first global loss prevention program (700+ sites visited across 80+ countries) and implemented Business Continuity Management throughout the organization. Marc worked also for Zurich Insurance and provided consulting services in consumer research as well in technical advisory services. He holds a degree in Food Process Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (dipl. LM-Ing ETHZ).

Together with Petra Wildemann, Marc recently published the article ‘Assessing Global Risks – Pandemic and Cyber Risks’ which describes the links between Cyber Risks, Pandemic and Epidemic Risks and NatCat Risks in an interconnected world.

Cyber-Risk Insurance, The European Actuary, April 2016

The Consulting Group


Denny Wan

Denny Wan is the principal consultant of Security Express 

Denny is a cyber security expert and researcher in cyber insurance pricing strategies. He has over 20 years of experience in IT risk management, commencing his career as an IT Security Auditor with IBM Global Services Australia. He consulted extensively to Vodafone Hutchison Australia and was instrumental in the establishment of its IT security team. He consults widely in the education and financial services industries with his demonstrated expertise in developing security controls for virtualised infrastructure, hybrid cloud and DevSecOps practices. 

His interest in cyber risk quantification has led to his current research into Cyber Insurance Pricing Strategy at Macquarie University in Australia under an Australian Government Commonwealth Scholarship. Simply put, cyber insurance pricing is a powerful way to describe cyber risk from a business perspective. A rapid rise in the awareness of cyber-attacks, particularly those attributed to nation state actions, might have skewed public perception resulting in cyber risk treated as a special category spared from normal business scrutiny. Investment in cyber security controls have been predominately based off risk ratings instead of competing against other business demands based on Return of Investment (ROI) calculations. 

The research collaboration between Denny and Petra brings balance back into enterprise cyber risk management by integrating quantification with well understood actuarial disciplines.